• File icon Bazo.Qaala-with-picture verses.4.7.1.apk
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  • File icon Bazo.Qaala_.without picture.4.7.2.apk
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  • File icon Zaysete_Dictionary_2011-1.0.apk
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  • File icon Kokathi_miicaches-1.1.1.apk
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  • File icon zayse-spell-check-add-on for libre office - download.txt
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  • File icon Luqase2014latin.jar
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  • File icon JONASE-Saba.jar
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  • You can download these reading materials and apps in the Zayse language for free. The .apk files are for smart phones.
  • Applications with .jar extension have been created for phones that do not have a touch screen.
  • And there is also a Zayse spell checking tool for computer usage. This only works with libre office. Download the spell checker file from here and after that rename its extension from .txt to .oxt   Double click on it and it will install. After that choose language Zulu in the language menu of libre office and the tool will underline some wrong words written in the Zayse language. It works only with latin, not with Saba Fidel. Libre office itself is available for free at